Our Story

The inspiration for LeadershipFIT was born out of a passion to have people like you, live your best leadership life. We love seeing people realise their future potential, and we founded LeadershipFIT so that through our products and services, we can be that support by building, strengthening and advancing your leadership life.

We believe that there is leadership capability within all of us; no matter who you are, where you have come from, what education you may or may not have had, or where you are today. You may have had others tell you or you may have thought about leadership as a behaviour, skill or capability for an exclusive few. But leadership can be thought of as a lifestyle choice that can be enjoyed by every single one of us.

At LeadershipFIT, we want you to be at your best to inspire, instruct, or to influence someone today. And in doing so, you will be on your way to living your best leadership life.



"When all is said and done, leadership is about bringing out the best of, and the best between, one another".

That’s the core message that is our passion here at LeadershipFIT. We hope that it may also be a passion of yours. Together we can build, strengthen and advance leadership connections to achieve the individual and collective life purposes of people like you.

Edward Watkin

Founding Partner and Leadership Game Changer

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Our leadership best in any life moment is just one thought, one feeling or one action away.
That one thought, one feeling or one action is what LeadershipFIT was built on.





Edward is a lifelong learner of leadership.

Since childhood, he has observed, practiced, held positions of, and formally studied leadership. He knows, understands, and is aware of the impact of leadership on his life and on the lives of others. He has a proven track record of influencing people groups within schools, colleges, universities, sports teams, government, private and not for profit organisations, businesses and communities.

Born into the rich cultural heritage of the Torres Strait Islands, he learnt that being the first born of four siblings and a male, had many privileges and favour, particularly among Torres Strait Islander peoples. Such privileges included being the first to receive instructions or commands from parents or other cultural Elders. There was the honour of being the first person to pass on messages to parents, or other cultural Elders, if such people were not around or were not available at that time of receiving a message. He learnt the power of communication, the need to be a good listener of the message, and how the message ought to be conveyed to its intended receiver. The consequences for not conveying the right message, (and in the right way), could sometimes result in some punitive measures for him or his siblings.

But such privilege also meant responsibility.

There was responsibility for carrying a first name that was not only linked to his father, but to the many past and present day cultural Elders who were blessed with the distinction of this name. In his teenage years, there were greater expectations and demands on him for consistently doing the ‘right thing’. Connection to a culture has made him more aware that his life has strong connections to a past. He knows the importance that this past has for connecting to the present and then into the future. His parents and his extended families were the sources of his lifelong foundations of being a role model for younger family members and his extended family, as well as the setting of benchmarks in behaviours and standards of conduct for himself and others.

Edward has formally studied leadership through his university qualifications of Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts (Leadership). Through a Churchill Fellowship award, which made it possible for him to travel throughout the USA and Canada, Edward has researched international models and trends of leadership, in particular, programs for Indigenous peoples.

A significant leadership learning event for Edward took place in 1987-1991. His co-founding and Queensland-wide coordination of a program called AITAP, (Aboriginal and Islander Tertiary Aspirations Program), broadened Edward’s understanding of influencing and mobilising people movements at local school, regional and state-wide levels. This was done by connecting the hearts and minds of people to a bigger picture, building on successes of the past, adopting a strengths-based approach, keeping the most important things the most important things, empowering people with the belief, knowledge and skills to be the best they could be for their cause, supporting people to find and to use the unique gifts and abilities that have been given to them, and celebrating excellence and the difference that people can have in one another’s lives.

At this point in his life, Edward went from influencing people groups of hundreds, to influencing groups and communities of thousands. His focus since, has been on developing and delivering customised leadership programs and services that focus on the need to live a purposeful leadership life and the ability to influence others.

His leadership message and philosophies also continued for many years in other life roles such as Queensland Touch Football coach and Co-Founder and Principal of Learn 2 Lead.

Edward has worked one-to-one with individuals through to influencing gatherings of hundreds of people. He has had the privilege of coming alongside youth and young adults, to inspire them to live the lives they truly deserve. For over thirty years, he has taught people how to be better leaders. He has coached executives and senior executive managers in business leadership. Edward has mentored people who want to make a difference in their personal lives. And he has had the honour of facilitating events for people who want to transform nations.

Edward’s vision to share his leadership message to as many people as possible is evident in his everyday life. His dedication, devotion and enthusiasm to fulfil his purpose on this earth, is obvious, and his message is both consistent and necessary for today, as it has been throughout his life.

Our Logo

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The LeadershipFIT logo represents all that we stand for and believe in: building, strengthening and advancing better connections between people. It symbolically captures the 'weaving' together of people from different walks of life to create something beautiful. It also reflects individuals working closely to achieve a common purpose or vision.

Our logo also has subtle cultural references to the Dhari, the Torres Strait Islander headdress, and a woven basket, or 'balboi' as it is referred to by Western Torres Strait Islanders. The colour palette is contemporary and modern, and has been inspired and drawn from the colours of nature found in Australian Indigenous Art.