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LeadershipFIT For Everyday Living

AUD $29.95

LeadershipFIT For Everyday Living is a fresh approach to learning how to be an effective leader, and how to live out your best leadership life, no matter who you are, and where you are in your journey.

This book is more than just a book—it's a living resource that you can use day in and day out to equip yourself with useful strategies, tips and approaches for living your best leadership life.

 You will discover and learn ways to:

  • fine tune your leadership mindset

  • give people reasons for connecting to your why, how and what for leadership

  • support you to be the best leader or follower of others

  • make important matters the most important matters in your leadership life

  • support you through the different seasons of leadership

  • provide you with a 'game plan' to know, be and do leadership better

  • inspire, instruct and influence you to live your best leadership life every day.


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Edward (Eddie) Watkin is one of Australia's leading facilitators and highly respected leadership educators. He is a leadership entrepreneur, coach, mentor, strategist and speaker and has worked one-on-one with individuals through to influencing gatherings of hundreds of people.

Eddie's passion is to build, strengthen and advance better leadership connections between everyday people. He has changed the way leaders connect to others, and changed the way people want to connect to leaders.


"LeadershipFIT For Everyday Living is not just a book - it's a resource that you can use day in and day out, to support you to be more effective in living out your best leadership life".

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What others are saying about LeadershipFIT For Everyday Living

Eddie Watkin understands how great leadership can transform situations and create partnerships that make a real difference. He combines passion with experience and I know this book will help many leaders, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, to realise their full potential.

Tim Costello, Former Chief Executive, World Vision Australia


There is no one I can recommend more highly than Eddie Watkin with experience and passion in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ future leadership potential. The LeadershipFIT key message that “Leadership is a relationship between people” is the spirit needed to reach our vision of a just, equitable and reconciled nation.

Leah Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, Reconciliation Australia (2010-2014)


As an Aboriginal man it has taken a number of years for me to grow in my understanding of and appreciation for leadership, but I have discovered that leadership is an essential ingredient for life - whether it be for a corporate, a community or a culture. LeadershipFIT seeks to not only highlight this truth but also help you to exercise it. Eddie has given not only theoretical but very practical ways to grow in your leadership and for that reason I heartily endorse this book.

Reverend Billy Williams

A technically brilliant piece of work demonstrating Watkin’s practical and inspirational life teachings. This book is a must for every trainer, facilitator and participant in their journey toward strong leadership.

Dr Jackie Huggins AM FAHA, Director, Jackie Huggins and Associates


I have been a “leader” in the education sector for thirty seven years, and have always been comfortable with the statement, “It’s lonely at the top”. Eddie Watkin’s “LeadershipFIT – For Everyday Living” has opened for me a fresh perspective on what leadership really is. I have enjoyed applying the “Fit Workout Plans” at the conclusion of each Chapter, not only as a stimulus for reflection about my past leadership, but also as a motivation for connection and action for leadership now, and in the future.

This is a fresh and innovative treatise which I highly recommend for all who are interested in knowing the why, how and what of leadership.

Daryl Hanly BA, B.Ed., (UQ) MEd (QUT), MEd (ACU) ATCL, FACEL. Principal, St Joseph’s Nudgee College (2002-2014)


LeadershipFIT is a crystallisation in print of all that Eddie has put in to inspire Australian leaders. It will benefit and inspire leaders not only in Australia, but also non-resident leaders all over the world.

Cynthia Chan, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Consultant (Singapore)

This book is practical and aims to address many of the daily challenges in leadership. It reinforces some of the things that lived leadership experience has shown to be true, and offers some helpful approaches to deal with these challenges. The ambition of the book is to really assist people to be better leaders, and to help them to be accountable and effective across many cultural contexts; contexts that could be very complex, yet the book helps them to be very accessible. Next generation leaders will benefit immensely by applying the principles of this book.

Tanya Hosch,  Former Joint Campaign Director, Recognise


From childhood I yearned to have a tangible experience of the leadership that was more than words, position or an idea. It was life changing to see integrity, honour and respect being lived, role-modelled by Eddie Watkin; I found hope and connectedness in what I learned.

There is much talk about leadership, what it looks like, how it sounds, but nothing of the heart, character and lifestyle of a leader. I am excited knowing that this book, an essential tool for living the life of leadership, is accessible to those searching for equipping to grow into and embrace their destiny.

My heart is with women who, like me, have a lived experience of sexual violence and exploitation. I am absolutely confident that people who have been broken, devastated and diminished in life, will find this book to be a vital tool in their self-empowerment to wholeness. I’ve seen it in my own life and I look with expectancy to seeing it manifest for others.

Faith Gray, Founder, Courageous Hope

An excerpt from the Foreword by Professor Mick Dodson

For here and across the world, it is vital that Indigenous peoples work with non-Indigenous peoples to build, nurture and sustain better leadership relationships among people. The lives of today and tomorrow’s people are dependent on these relationships. Current and future leadership approaches and methodologies need to be more inclusive. These approaches and methodologies are opportunities to learn from and through Indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples, our history and our enduring cultures, have a unique value-adding proposition and a lot to offer in discussions, development and implementation of new, timeless and dynamic approaches to leadership.

I believe the knowledge, teachings and wisdom found in LeadershipFIT for Everyday Living, can support these conversations and partnerships. Since 2001, I have observed Eddie Watkin develop into one of this nation’s finest leadership facilitators and educators of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. This being his first book will make a positive contribution to building, nurturing and sustaining better leadership relationships between people. It will certainly challenge you to think of leadership as an everyday life experience. But it will also inspire you to look for, encourage and to celebrate the best leadership that can be found in all of us.

Professor Mick Dodson AM, BJuris, LLB, DLitt (HC), LLD (HC), FASSA and Australian of the Year 2009