Speaking to audiences of small groups through to gatherings of hundreds, Edward will challenge the way leaders connect to others, as well as the way people need to connect to leaders.

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Edward (Eddie) Watkin wakes up each day to support others to live their best leadership lives. 

He describes himself as a leadership game changer.

“I always saw my life as one that would make a positive difference, transform lives and bring people together,” he says.  “And when you see yourself in this way, you’re going to have to learn and develop a game changer mindset and way of life”.

His life has reflected this contemplative lifestyle.

Eddie is passionate about leadership and its importance in everyone’s life. With over thirty-six years of observing and critically researching leadership, he is able to provide a few game changing ideas and strategies on how leaders can better connect to others as well as how people can better connect to leaders.

Topics can be based around the themes of:

○ Find a leadership solution to everyday problems or challenges.

○ Build, strengthen or advance your leadership intelligence.

○ Being ready, willing and capable of finding a leadership need or opportunity.

○ Awakening your passion for purpose, action and legacy.

○ The convergence of being, doing and having effective leadership.

○ The way leadership game changers read the times they’re in.

○ Seven questions to becoming a leadership game changer.